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Worries about intruders? Planning to upgrade the security of your house? And why not? The majority of break-ins occur in the middle of the day while individuals are at work or outperforming errands. With so many consequences like frustration or risking the entire family members, it is always a wise decision to have early precautions.

So don’t wait until after you go on vacation and put off protecting your house against intruders. The best decision would be to opt for the best garage door companies in San Antonio. Furthermore, here are some best options on how you can keep your house’s exterior safe from thieves.

  1. Search for Vulnerable Spots

The very first thing you need to do is to look for windows on the outside of your home. It is because any vulnerable spots could be quickly pried open as it allows you to clearly see your flat-screen TV and other valuables. Besides, you can inquire if a home security check is available from your neighborhood police force. This will allow them to search your house from the inside out. As a result, it will let you know where the weak spots are.

  1. Upgrade Doors and Locks

Unbelievably, a lot of burglars just enter a house through the front door. So consider purchasing double-key deadbolts, which are more secure as they require two keys—one for entry and one for exit—to operate. Besides, sturdy wood doors can deter a break-in since they are difficult to kick in. So install a floor lock on doors with breakable windows to prevent thieves from reaching in and unlocking the door.

  1. Lock Your Garage Door

Although it may seem obvious, if you simply drive through any home area, you may notice a few wide-open garage doors with no sign of their owners. This indicates that an unlocked overhead garage door is a burglar’s open invitation. So consider adding a garage door sensor or an automatic garage door closer if you have a habit of leaving your garage door open.
A closer can automatically close the garage after a predetermined length of time, and a sensor will notify you whether your overhead door is open or closed. Besides, for more security, you can also add an automatic garage door lock to deadbolt your garage door every time you close it. Make sure to opt for a garage door specialist in San Antonio.

  1. Hide Your Stuff

Not all burglars approach their targets blindly. The majority of thieves look around your house for signs that will help them get paid. This means a burglar might choose your home as their next target if there is an open window showcasing all the valuable items in your garage. In such cases opt for a garage door specialist in San Antonio for the best advice. Besides, interior blinds or curtains are effective options.

  1. Protect Your Door

Most external garage service doors with normal locks can be opened with a good kick, but by making a few small adjustments, you can keep away thieves. So add a deadbolt to your outside door to increase security. Also, keep in mind that the strike plate where the lock strikes the door is your door’s weakest point. So opt for garage door companies in San Antonio to pick the strongest quality door.

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