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garage door spring repair in San Antonio
garage door spring repair in San Antonio

The garage door undergoes everyday wear and tear because it is the most used entrance and exit in the typical residential home. As a result, the garage door occasionally experiences several functioning problems. While there are instances when you may be able to resolve the issue on your own, there are several situations where it may be preferable to leave the garage door spring repair in San Antonio to the experts. Besides, to help you understand better, here are some reasons why your garage door isn’t working.



    1. Blocked or Misaligned Photo-Eye

Photo-eye is basically a safety sensor on the garage door. It identifies anyone or anything that blocks the door. So if you notice a light flashing from the garage door opener and hear clicking noises, then it is sure there can be a problem with the picture eye.

As these photo eyes are delicate, there are various potential causes for alignment issues. So the best option is to realign photo eyes. This includes cleaning, removing larger instructions, checking the wiring, inspecting the aligning, or checking the LED light.


    1. Broken Tension Spring

One of the major reasons why a garage door won’t work is due to a broken tension spring. The tension springs basically store mechanical energy that governs the movement of the garage door. This means as time passes tension springs may become weaker with use, which could lead to the garage door not functioning.

Both manual and automatic garage door systems use these springs. So major reasons behind these springs not working could be due to rust, wear and tear as well as improper maintenance. Furthermore, a wise decision would be to opt for a garage door spring repair in San Antonio.


    1. Misaligned Track

Another reason why your garage door isn’t working is due to a misaligned track. The cables literally move the door when the automatic garage door opener engages, followed by the strings regulating its speed. Thanks to the metal tracks that keep the garage door in place, making the operating system runs more smoothly.
Therefore, for the garage door to open and close properly, the tracks must always be level and straight. In such cases, you’ll also hear whining or grinding noises. So to realign the track it is best to opt for garage door replacement in San Antonio.


    1. No Power Connection

Do you have an automatic garage door? If yes, then you must be well aware that it is operated with a wall-mounted panel or a remote control. All you need is to press a button on the panel or the remote control to open your garage door. Once pressed, the garage door opener receives a signal from the remote control to open/close the garage.
So if your garage door won’t work, then surely your remote control might be malfunctioning. Here, a wise decision would be to get help from the best service provider for garage door replacement in San Antonio.

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